Welcome to Hitch 'n Pitch

Hi and welcome to the Hitch ‘n Pitch Blog.

We’ve built this site so that the community of caravan, campervan and camping enthusiasts can earn a little bit of extra cash from their vans or motorhomes when they are idle. We are a bit like Airbnb but for vans, campers, motorhomes, camper trailers and even site vans.

Hitch ‘n Pitch is easy to use and FREE to list. So if you own a van and it sits in your carport for 10 Months of the year, why not list it on Hitch ‘n Pitch ?

We charge a small commision, which comes out of the rental fees. if, and when the van is rented and paid for.

Communication between the rentor and rentee is all done via Hitch ‘n Pitch.

We keep track of when your van is available and when it has been rented out. All you need to do is either list of pick from one of the rentals you like.

Easy !

Enjoy the site - and if you have any feedback, you can email hello@hitchnpitch.com.au