Q.  Does my van, motorhome or camper need to be insured ?

A. It’s up to you, but we would strongly recomend insuring you valuable asset. Check with your insurance agent as a top up on your insurance is likely if you are hiring it out. Hitch ‘n Pitch is simply a broker for the rental transaction and assumes no liability for any losses or damages to vehicles or equiment during rental periods

Q. Is a security deposit required ?

A. Hitch ‘n Pitch does not take a deposit. This is up to each individual to decide and manage themselves. If deposits are required, these are paid directly to the owner prior to pickup. When the van is returned, the ower will refund the deposit, less any deductions for damage or cleaning required.

Q. What payment methods does Hitch ‘n Pitch support ?

A. We support PayPal and Stripe at this stage

Q. How much does Hitch ‘n Pitch charge ?

A. We charge a small 5% of the value of the transaction. Example. If you rent your van for $100 per day for 5 days, the Hitch ‘n Pitch fee would be 5% of $100 x 5 days = $25. The owner takes $475. And the renter pays $500. (excludes any payment gateway fees)

Q. How much could you earn ?

A. Theoreticlaly, if you rented your van for 200 days of the year at $100 per day you could earn up to $19,000 per year.